OK, Butterball, it's time to pay heed to The Dean,

Sure, $300 a month is pretty steep, I'll admit. However, buy yourself a clue and do some higher-order math. Here's how:

- First, add up all the coin you drop each month at McDuck's, Pizza Slut, and the 7-11 to buy that 82 oz. Slurpee (tm) and a microwaved chili-dog.
- Then, add in the monthly cost of all your prescription drugs - extrapolate this for the remainder of your drastically shortened lifespan.
- Now, consider the cost of the extra airplane seat you will need to buy in the future for all your trips
- Finally, see if you can capture, in monetary terms, the costs of embarassment and shame of being labeled a fatty who has to sit on the porch with your diet cola while everyone else is having fun playing Grab Ass.

You should begin to see that the cost of a NS lifestyle is far less expensive than the alternative.

But you knew that already, didn't you, Bubbles?

The Dean.